Pure Girl Power
Business Boutique is a team of PR, communication, marketing and publicity experts with more than 10 years of experience in building brand awareness. Our main goal is to offer custom-made experiences and strategies to our clients. With deep studies and analysis of the state of art, we design master plans that fits with their goals like a luxurious haute couture dress.
Meet the
Trend hunters and forecasters. Social connectors. Avid learners. Experience makers. We love to do everything your brand needs.
Moni Quintero
Passionate traveler and experienced PR, our CEO owns a Communication degree with specializations in Publicity and Marketing Photography. Because of the experience she has working in Corporate Image and as an entrepreneur, she is aware of the needs that a brand or project might had. Also, she is always looking for the best approaches and practices to share the key messages of our clients and —no matter how busy she is— she is always there for every person inside or outside the agency.
caro lezama
Always looking for something new to learn, Caro is a hospitality manager who also has postgraduate studies in Fashion and Design by the MoMA. Her experience in creative projects and her love for skincare made her the perfect fit for our Jr. Executive of Fashion and Beauty position.
valeria reta
If you want to know about marketing, ask Valeria. She has a degree in the topic, and she is specialized in Fashion Marketing, styling, and public image. With more than five years of experience in the field and a great social media knowledge, she is our PR Manager on the Fashion and Beauty division.
ana luisa blumenkron
Our Jr. Executive of the Luxury and Tourism is a Fashion & Textile Designer with a postgraduate degree in Communication and Styling. She started her career in fashion, centered in production and styling. Her experience with fashion brands and medias is just one of the many strengths of Ana Luisa.
karime narvaez
Fashion lover, globetrotter, and former journalist, just after getting her Communication degree Karime studied a postgraduate course in Fashion Marketing. After leaving her former job in Harper’s Bazaar Online, she became part of the Business Boutique team as PR Manager for the Luxury and Tourism division.
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