This is what we do
Business Boutique offers different services depending on the goals of our clients. With roots on the traditional PR practices, we design innovative strategies nourished by a deep study of the objectives, the market and the phygital environment. Founded in 2006 by the PR expert Huguette Cervantes and then leaded by Mony Quintero, we have built strong and meaningful relationships with medias, influencers, and creatives to guarantee a successful experience for our customers.
Press kit design and distribution
Share your key messages in the right way and in the right time. We design clear and relevant press kits that elevate your communication (and we also send them to the most recognized medias of the region!)
Phygital Experiences
Tell us your idea and we will make it happen. In Business Boutique we are specialists in the design and coordination of the most important physical and digital events for your brand such as launches or press conferences. We make the parties and the perfect guest lists for each one.
Influencer Marketing
We are aware of who is who in the digital ecosystem of our region. From micro to macro, we can find the best spokespersons and opinion leaders to share your story in every social media.
Public Relations and Marketing
We know how to tell a story but also how to create it. We help you to spread your projects, campaigns or ideas with a confident and respect voice mixed with innovation and adaptive thinking to maintain you in the top of mind of the medias and key audiences.
Need some advice? Give us a call!. If you want to share something but you do not how, we can help you. Our expertise is to listen to your needs and transform our conversation in actions that leads you to success.
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